6 lessons, 3 hours/lesson
starting on 8th June
- the most complex course for future cabin crew -

Intensive online course that prepares you for the airline interviews

Our online course will prepare you for the various Cabin Crew applications and interview stages with major airline companies, ensuring you are successfully recruited as Flight Attendant.

This course will provide you with the tools that fully prepare you for all of the Cabin Crew recruitment stages and enhance your confidence.

The course runs for 2 weeks, 3 lessons per week and it's conducted by an aviation trainer that will guide you constantly and teach you all you need to know about becoming cabin crew.

Why attend this online course?

Learn how to apply for a cabin crew job

Gain a better understanding of the steps you need to take in order to apply for a cabin crew job

Full training on how a cabin crew interview is structured

You learn how is the interview structured, what tasks to expect and how to face each task given by the recruiters

Public speaking techniques

Public speaking is very important during an airline interview. We will teach you useful public speaking techniques you can apply at the interview.

Grooming, CV & pictures

Find out how to make an impressive CV & pictures for the interview. Also, learn about personal grooming and how to dress for your interviews.

Body language

Learn how to use the correct body language at your interviews

We assist you

We assist and guide you from the moment you subscribe to this course until the moment you get the cabin crew job!

How does it work?

  • The course runs for 2 weeks, starting on 8th of June.
  • There will be 3 lessons per week and each lesson consists of 3 hours of virtual classroom activity.
  • The participants learn in real-time, face-to-face with the trainer, in front of their computers/tablets.  
  • There will be lots of discussions, debates and practice and very little theory!
  • Tests and assignments are given and taken pre and post each lessons.

240 EUR

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Anca Dumitrescu

"The most beautiful job in the world is the one that allows you to give wings to people around you" - Anca

Anca is How to be cabin crew co-founder and she is the coordinator of our courses.

She has a professional background in aviation, marketing and communicaton - three key skills that will help you land your dream job in the skies.

With over 10 years spent perfecting the art of landing dream jobs, she has prepared more than 2500 candidates for the cabin crew job. From 2019 she has been also working  as a recruiter for major airline companies. 

Anca is now here to share her insider secrets that can help you gain an insight into the recruiters’ expectations of candidates. With her expert coaching and guidance, you will be prepared for the demanding process that airlines put candidates through, so you can hear the words “You’re hired”.

Why choose us?

We #givewings since 2013

More than 2500 students 

choose to attend one of our courses around Europe.

Expert team of aviation professionals

are ready to coach you to success by helping you gain an insight into the recruiters’ expectations of candidates.

We train you and then we hire you

hrough our partnership with various recruitment companies,  we are able to organise recruitment session for important airline companies and directly recommend our students!

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Feedback from our lovely students:

  I want to thank Anca, as she is the queen of patience and information. For me, it wasn't only a course about the cabin crew job. I was about people, emotions, experiences and how to be a better team player. After finishing this courses people are much more confident and optimistic! Thank you for everything I learned and felt here! You are the best team ever, How to be cabin Crew!

Marina Oboroaca

former student, now Ryanair cabin crew

“For me, this course means developing yourself, leaving your comfort zone and the opportunity to meet people that share the same dream as you. It was a very intense course that helped me improve my English and my aviation knowledge, my public speaking skills and also the way I work in a team. Also, this course motivated me to pursue my dream and work hard for it! I am so happy and grateful I have met you and in the same time very sad this course is ending. Thank you for everything!  


former student

I want to thank you for everything. You motivated me so much, I admire you lots and I listened carefully to all your advice! I saw a very big difference in my after this course: I smile more, I overcame my fears and I am more confident. Anca, you really give wings to your students and you are an amazing human being! Never stop doing this! I hope I will soon get my dream job and make you proud!

Alexandra Vladu

former student, now working as cabin crew for Wizz Air

I attended this course to fulfill my dream, although I was so scared as my English level was not good. Here, I met lovely people that showed trough the power of example that everything is possible. The atmosphere at the course was very relaxed, full of smiles and laughs. This is was my first step towards an aviation career and I am so happy I choosed you! I will miss you, that is for sure!

Corina Ene

former student, now Emirates cabin crew

Attending this course was the best decision I took so far in my life. These days gav the opportunity to really understand if this job is for me or not. Now I can say that I love aviation even more and  I trust myself more than ever! I was always looking forward for the next day of course to start! I want to congratulat you for your professionalism, for your knowledge and patience! Anca, you are a wonderful teacher and I am so happy I had the chance to meet you! See you up in the skies!

Karina Barbu

former student

Thank you for all the usedul information I have learned during this course! I am going to miss you lots but promise to come back with good news after I get the cabin crew job. Youy motivated me to go and fight for this job, to expect more from myself and to learn new things every day. Anca, I admire the way you are - as a person and as a teacher - and I think everyone can learn so much from you! How to be cabin Crew, please don't stop from giving wings to people! You rock

Catalina Galatanu
former student